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Use of Force Reporting Mandates

By November 24, 2020November 30th, 2023No Comments

EFORCE® Software supports Law Enforcement Agencies in their right to defend their personnel.

With the advent of technology such as body cameras and cell phones, our nation is more aware of law enforcement activity than ever before.  Several recent incidents have gained national and global attention, resulting in large scale uncertainty about the reasonableness of law enforcement’s use of force, and the effectiveness of our government’s regulation and oversight.  Such unprecedented exposure to law enforcement activity has spurred a variety of reactions from the American public, ranging from radical criminal outbursts to responsible inquisitions and investigations.

Despite the eyes of the world critiquing their every move, law enforcement professionals serve diligently and honorably every single day; their heroic and dutiful service overshadowed by the rare instance of failed integrity.

We have seen many officers condemned by unqualified judges in the court of public opinion, only to be exonerated by subsequent investigation.  In these circumstances, the facts of the incident were paramount to an informed decision and just application of law.  We feel confident that Law Enforcement nationwide will see a similar occurrence with Law Enforcement as a whole, as data regarding these types of incidents is placed in the right hands.

To that end, we support States and other regulatory entities in their initiative to standardize the collection of data involving the use of force and other law enforcement actions.  Through the utilization of complete and trustworthy data, agencies can showcase, empirically, that law enforcement’s professionalism and proficiency merit the communities continued confidence and support.

Our software is designed by law enforcement professionals and has been purpose built to simply and effectively collect the data vital to the perpetuation of trust and cooperation in your community.  With the advent of our Officer Actions Module, your agency will have the tools needed to simply and effectively collect and compile this information.  State and Federal reporting standards are neatly packaged within an Officer’s existing report, thereby removing redundancy and allowing for them to efficiently document their incidents in great detail.  This detail affords agency administrators the data they need to speak informatively with their community about their department’s use of force, racial profiling statistics and many other data points.

Nick Conley

EFORCE® Product Marketing Manager. Former Patrol Officer and Detective.