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Computer Aided Dispatch Software

A sleek, modern and reliable Web-Based CAD system built to excel on your busiest shifts.

How it Works


The caller and your units in the field deserve dispatch’s full attention. EFORCE® CAD is a lightning-fast CAD system built to help your agency focus on the important work, instead of running your software. With all the other things you have to do, you need an intuitive CAD like EFORCE®.

Designed by current and former dispatchers, EFORCE® CAD has user-friendly features centered around the task at hand. You get the right tools, at the right time.

A powerful, easy to learn system that focuses on intuitive use to maximize efficiency

Features & Capabilities

The Benefits of Web-Based Software

Customizable Interface

Flexibility is a hallmark of modern software. Even at a single agency dispatchers want to use their software in different ways, and they can with EFORCE® CAD. Each dispatcher at your agency can change the layout of the screen to best fit their work habits.

They can even choose how they interact with CAD. Prefer to use the mouse? You can drag and drop units on calls, click them through response sequences, and other intuitive ways to use the CAD.

Spent the time to develop speed and efficiency with a command line interface? Keep that familiarity by customizing the commands in EFORCE®.

Dispatch operator using eForce CAD software

Intuitive Alerts

Dispatchers are master multi-taskers, simultaneously performing dozens of tasks per call. You operate at the peak of performance, and you need a CAD system that can keep up.

EFORCE® CAD Alerts are built to give you the right information, at the right time. When you add an address to your call, Officer Safety Information, Recent Call History, Relevant Contacts, and other pertinent information is compiled for you and is just one mouse click away. Added a person or vehicle to a call? Their complete history is one mouse click away, ready to go when you’re ready for it.

computer screen displaying eForce's CAD software intuitive alerts

Dispatch Tools by Dispatchers

Being user-friendly is perhaps the most important part of “good software”. User-friendly software is intuitive, meaning you don’t have to think to use it. Truly user-friendly software means tools that were designed by someone who has done the job they’re being built for.

EFORCE® CAD combines the experience of former dispatchers and talented software developers to bring you powerful and modern CAD Software that’s easy to use, and easy to train.

Dispatch operator using eForce Computer Aided Dispatch software

Data Analytics

Nearly every activity your agency conducts passes through your CAD system. It’s the best place to find accurate stats and data about what your agency does in the field. EFORCE® CAD’s data analytics tools put that data to work for your agency with a number of detailed reports pre-built into the software.

But if you need something beyond the pre-built stuff, you can use our AdHoc Reporting tool to build your own custom reports, just the way you want them. You can even schedule these reports to automatically run and distribute themselves.

computer screen displaying CAD data analytics

Ready for Anything

When the world falls apart, the public’s first call is to your dispatch center. You need to be prepared for disaster and utilizing a modern web-based software is the best way to keep your operation running.

EFORCE® CAD’s flexibility means you can run your dispatch center from wherever you need to. Easily transition to a terminal in your Critical Incident Response Vehicle or EOC. We even had an agency run their CAD from an iPad when their tower was struck by lightning. EFORCE® CAD keeps your agency going no matter the scenario.

lightning bolt and rain drops
Case Studies

Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office

Maryanne Christensen, Dispatch Supervisor at the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office in Wyoming uses EFORCE® CAD in their two dispatch centers to coordinate operations between 12 Law Enforcement Agencies, 7 EMS Stations, and 5 Fire Departments across 4100 square miles. Their coverage area includes everything from city to back country areas and presents unique challenges for a CAD System.

“We were impressed with the ease for users. We have used other software and have not had the service, productivity, and functionality of EFORCE,” said Christensen. “EFORCE® Keeps our agencies connected and efficient, and their service is fantastic!”

Client Testimonials

What Our Clients Say

Agencies of all sizes, from across the country love our software. It’s easy to use and we back it up with the best customer service in the industry.

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Secure and Compliant

EFORCE® Software is the perfect coupling of connectivity and security. Modern technology facilitates the safeguarded availability of our full software suite on any internet connected device. We strictly adhere to the FBI’s CJIS Security Policy, applicable state regulations, and industry best practices in the design and implementation of our software solutions.

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Seeing is believing! We would love to show you why EFORCE® is the clear choice for your agency’s software needs.