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Civil Process Service Software

The power of web-based software in an easy-to-use format.

How it Works


At least for the foreseeable future, civil paper service is going to be reliant on paper, but that doesn’t mean that your agency can’t also have the benefits of web-based software to unite your team’s efforts and do the heavy lifting on your reporting. From tracking service attempts to compiling billing reports at the end of the month, EFORCE® Civil has got you covered.

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Track your Civil Processes with User-Friendly Web-Based Software

Features & Capabilities

A Civil Process Software Tailored for You

Connected and Collaborative

Civil Paper Service is a collective mission, and EFORCE® Software synchronizes your agency’s efforts. Our web-based software goes with your deputies into the field so they can access the papers they need to serve and log service attempts more conveniently from their MDTs. Everyone on your team has the most up to date information at any given time.

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Dynamic Forms

Doing work more than once is antiquated.  But we know your Court, Attorney’s Offices, etc. aren’t going to budge on wanting your information on their form. But your agency is wasting time re-doing work by filling out their forms. It’s time to modernize!

EFORCE® Civil allows you to map the data from your software to those forms! Auto-populate them out with a click of a button. Log your paper service and auto-fill your return of service all at once!

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Easily Customized

EFORCE® is the most flexible off-the-shelf software product on the market, and our Civil product is no different. You have the control to configure the software they way you need it!

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Reports and Analytics

What good is information if you can’t get it back out? EFORCE® Civil has plenty of reports to keep your admin in the know. Needing information, but we don’t have a report for it? Use our Ad Hoc Reporting tools to create your own custom reports.

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Secure and Compliant

EFORCE® Software is the perfect coupling of connectivity and security. Modern technology facilitates the safeguarded availability of our full software suite on any internet connected device. We strictly adhere to the FBI’s CJIS Security Policy, applicable state regulations, and industry best practices in the design and implementation of our software solutions.

Find the Perfect Solution

Seeing is believing! We would love to show you why EFORCE® is the clear choice for your agency’s software needs.