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Navigating the ever changing landscape of State and Federal Policy Compliance is easier with EFORCE®.

About It

Your Partners in Maintaining Compliance

We’ve seen serious changes to Policing over the past few years.  New reporting standards, mandated reporting submissions, and other compliance changes are reshaping the landscape of the police reporting industry.  Now more than ever, an important part of vendor selection is ensuring that your agency will comply with State and Federal requirements using their system.

EFORCE® Software goes to great lengths to ensure that you have all the tools you need to stay current and compliant with these reporting mandates and changes.  What’s more is that we dedicate significant resources to maintaining our own compliance with these requirements.

Our flexible software and business model allow us to pivot and quickly respond to these changes.  No matter where the future takes Policing, EFORCE® will be there for you.

Compliance FAQs

Common Questions

Answers to our most common compliance questions.

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Is EFORCE® a Cloud Vendor?

Yes.  EFORCE® provides SaaS solutions for Law Enforcement.

Unlike other cloud vendors, EFORCE® has the option to install your software locally, or on the AWS GovCloud!  During the sales process, we’ll work with you to determine the best choice for where to install your software to help your agency with your State’s specific Security Requirements.

Is EFORCE® CJIS Compliant?

Yes.  EFORCE® Software strictly complies with the CJIS Security Policy requirements, as evidenced by the hundreds of audits we have passed in every state where we have customers, in a variety of configurations.

However, meeting CJIS compliance with our software is a partnership with your agency, as software is only one piece of the compliance equation.

Is EFORCE® NIBRS Certified?

Yes.  We have customers in each state where we do business that are certified by their State for direct, electronic submissions.

When you purchase EFORCE® RMS, you are purchasing a system purpose-built to help your agency comply with NIBRS.  We are committed to working through the certification process with your agency and the State.

How does NIBRS work on EFORCE®?

EFORCE® RMS is built from the ground up to help your agency create NIBRS Compliant reports, using “point of entry” validation.

Your Officers classify the report they’re doing, using terminology they’re familiar with, and we set required fields and narrow down their choices in those fields based on what they selected.  All they do is fill in the blanks, and their report will comply with NIBRS.  This makes for reports that are compliant from the very beginning, and cuts out the needless back and forth between records and patrol.

Does EFORCE® comply with the Sandra Bland Act?

Yes.  Data collection and reporting are both built in and simple to use.

In fact, our solution has been reviewed and approved as a compliant solution by Dr. Alex Del Carmen, Director of the Institute for Predictive Analytics in Criminal Justice.  Dr. Del Carmen created the Texas Racial Profiling statistical template widely used across the State to comply with the act, which is at the core of our software tools.

Does EFORCE® comply with CO SB 20-217?

Yes.  We’ve painstakingly designed and built our Officer Actions tools to simplify the collection and reporting process.

This is live in CO, and dozens of agencies are collecting their information this way.  However, we’re still waiting on the State to finalize their side of the electronic data submissions before we complete the project.

What about future requirements?

While it’s difficult to know exactly what will come in the future, EFORCE® is committed to our customer’s compliance standings.  Our company is uniquely positioned to quickly act on new legislation and other requirements as they are enacted.  This allows us to lead the industry in rolling out polished compliance tools in our software to our customers much faster than our competition.

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Seeing is believing! We would love to show you why EFORCE® is the clear choice for your agency’s software needs.