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Mobile and ECitations

Secure, convenient and task oriented software built for Patrol!


Get the right information at the right time with EFORCE® Mobile+ and the EFORCE® Mobile App. EFORCE® Mobile is software that works for patrol, the way patrol wants to work, not a watered-down version of CAD.

With EFORCE® your team gets a Mobile tool designed by people who have actually worked the streets. Whether you’re checking enroute, scratching a citation, or on an FI, EFORCE® Mobile is built to help you focus on the important work, not clicking buttons.

Powerful, user-friendly tools at your fingertips.  Reliability you can depend on.

Features & Capabilities

The right tools at the right time

CAD View & Self Dispatch

You don’t need “dispatch software lite” in your car. You do a different job and the tool you use for that job should be different. Every detail of the mobile CAD layout was made for how Patrol responds to calls. From the order you see call info to the position and size of buttons, EFORCE® Mobile’s CAD View & Self Dispatching Features were built to streamline your call response.

Officer Safety isn’t an afterthought, it’s a way of life! You stay safe when you’re well informed about the incident, the location and the people involved. You stay safer when you don’t have to put yourself and others at risk to get that information. EFORCE® Mobile is designed to minimize the amount of time you’re staring at a screen so you can pay attention to the real work at hand.

law enforcement using eForce mobile software

AVL & Mapping

AVL; it’s not just for “big brother” anymore. EFORCE® Mobile’s mapping is a valuable tactical tool to coordinate your team’s response to incidents. Know the location of responding officers in real time, quickly see an overview of your scene to make sure you’ve set a perimeter and shut down roads. Direct your response all without playing 20 questions over the radio. And with the EFORCE® Mobile App, your mapping and location goes with you after you leave your vehicle.

Field Interviews

If you don’t have FI cards in your mobile software, you’re seriously missing out! Your team is doing the work, stopping the people loitering behind a closed business and checking the vehicles in the park late at night, but you’re not getting the benefit of that information down the road because if it isn’t easy to record, it’s not getting done. Especially if you’re not tied in with CAD, searching for those records after the fact can take an act of congress.

And with several states mandating agencies to report their field contacts, proactive policing is in decline. You want and need to collect that data but you don’t want your Patrol Team spending half their shift doing it. With EFORCE® Mobile, you don’t have to!

EFORCE® Mobile does the heavy lifting when it comes to documenting your FI’s. By auto-populating from work you’re already doing like searching persons and vehicles, EFORCE® Mobile simplifies your in-field reporting. We’ve even built the State reporting requirements into this module to make it quick and simple for Patrol to record their activity. This keeps Detectives and Admin well informed AND frees up Patrol to get on with their shift.


Ticketing software is supposed to help Patrol be more efficient during a stop, not replace your pen with a keyboard.

You run traffic to interdict criminals, fix traffic safety issues, and connect with your community; not to “write tickets”. EFORCE® Mobile is built to help your patrol team accomplish the real reason they’re making stops AND streamline their paperwork.

Working in a remote area, and don’t have an internet connection but still need to write a citation? No problem. No matter which mobile product you’re using, EFORCE® has got you covered.

EFORCE® Mobile+

Designed for Laptops and Tablets, EFORCE® Mobile+ is the perfect solution for your existing MDTs. It’s optimized for touch screens and runs securely through your device’s internet browser.

Police officer in vehicle using law enforcement software and systems

EFORCE® Mobile App

The EFORCE® Mobile App goes with you into the action but stays out of the way until you need it. Designed to be the perfect on-scene connection to CAD, citations and more, the EFORCE® Mobile App for Apple and Android devices works great in conjunction with Mobile+ or as a stand-alone mobile solution. However you decide to implement it at your agency, the EFORCE ® Mobile App is a powerful addition to your Patrol Team’s tool kit!

Case Studies

Mt. Juliet Police Department

The Mt. Juliet Police Department in Tennessee has been using the EFORCE® Software Suite to run the daily operations at their agency since 2019. With a little over 100 mobile users, the Mt. Juliet Police Department uses EFORCE® to keep their Officers in the field connected.

Captain Tyler Chandler knows the importance of using top tier mobile software to manage his department. “When choosing a new vendor, we looked at all of the competition. Nothing could match the quality and affordability of EFORCE®.”

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Secure and Compliant

EFORCE® Software is the perfect coupling of connectivity and security. Modern technology facilitates the safeguarded availability of our full software suite on any internet connected device. We strictly adhere to the FBI’s CJIS Security Policy, applicable state regulations, and industry best practices in the design and implementation of our software solutions.

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