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It’s called a brotherhood for a reason You could travel across the country and know that your brothers and sisters in blue would take a bullet for you.  It’s an unspoken bond that everyone who’s carried the badge understands.  That’s why word of mouth just carries more weight in the Law Enforcement world, and we’re no strangers to that. 

Here’s what agencies like yours are saying about EFORCE® Software.


What Our Clients Are Saying

Great job on the upgrade! The system is more professional looking, still user friendly and the additions that were suggested were implemented.

Windsor PoliceRMS

We love the ability to extract data for reports and statistics. It's easy to learn and use. It's a capable RMS software with a very reasonable price.

Sitka PoliceRMS, CAD, Mobile, Jail

We like the ability to create a data base through call and person entries in the CAD. It's easy to use and is beneficial for all our users.

Shawnee PoliceRMS, CAD, Mobile

Its easy to use, and you can hook up with other agencies and share information!

Burlington PoliceRMS, Mobile

It's easy to navigate. The price is fantastic and the tech support is out of this world.

City of RichlandRMS, Mobile, Municipal Court

Great Product and Great Company. We like it's ease of use!

Ennis PoliceRMS, CAD

Their customer service is over the top. There are continuous trainings and it's user friendly! Switching between screens is easy, and I can find all the information I'm looking for.

Black Hawk PoliceRMS, CAD, Mobile, Municipal Court

Whether it's ease of access or other small issues that could be made better, any time we reach out with something, the EFORCE team is quick to start working on resolutions.

Jacksonville PoliceRMS, CAD, Mobile

We've liked the reasonable cost, and working with the company to ensure it meets the needs of the department. As well, it is easily adaptable to changes.

Monte Vista PoliceRMS

The flow of the system is fantastic. It's clear and easy to use. I especially love the great customer service.

Cortez PoliceRMS, CAD, Municipal Court

It's a good product. Being hosted by EFORCE, I don't have to spend time and resources on servers and updates, etc.

Clear Lake PoliceRMS

EFORCE can help and design the system for all agencies from small to big. Their service and the programs are great.

Sundown PoliceRMS, Mobile

Program is user friendly and allows for all our departments to interact.

Jones County Sheriff's OfficeRMS, CAD, Mobile, Jail, Civil

The price and fast, friendly service are great! It's easy to use as well.

Garfield County Sheriff's OfficeRMS, CAD, Mobile, Jail, Civil

It's easy to use and access, amazing customer service and fantastic training.

Trinity County Sheriff's OfficeRMS, CAD, Jail

It helped us get NIBRS compliant. We love the hilighted required fields, and how easy it is to complete and search reports.

Colfax County Sheriff's OfficeRMS, Jail, Civil

It streamlines workflow and links us with other nearby departments. We like the accessibility, ease of use and storage.

Washington County Sheriff's OfficeRMS

EFORCE has a logical information flow. We like having one system that all the work can be done in, and how we can link information.

Beauregard Parish Sheriff's OfficeRMS, CAD, Mobile, Jail

Our agency likes how the reports are laid out, and we like the evidence module. It's an easy program to use understand.

Carbon County Sheriff's OfficeRMS, Mobile, Jail

It's easy to use, and we like being able to share and search between agencies. We also like that it can be customized just for our agency.

Jackson County Sheriff's OfficeRMS, CAD, Jail

Great customer service and a user friendly software. It's easy to navigate around the software, and the searching capabilities are great.

Beauregard Parish Sheriff's OfficeRMS, CAD, Mobile, Jail

Customer Service is very friendly and very helpful. They can usually fix your issues the same day. We love the e-citations, and how easy it is to look up different events, even with neighboring agencies.

Kiowa County Sheriff's OfficeRMS, Mobile

We love that it's web-based, and how we can customize the different fields in the modules. Customer service is easy to access, and they are very responsive.

Jefferson Davis Parish Sheriff's OfficeRMS, CAD, Mobile, Jail

The mobility of the platform has increased our ability to work remotely. We love the customer service and the trainings provided.

Arapahoe Community College PoliceRMS, CAD

EFORCE is very reliable and user friendly. We have people ranging from late 60's to early 20's and everyone is on the same page.

CSKT Fish and GameRMS, CAD, Mobile, Jail

EFORCE has been on target understanding and resolving any concerns that have come up as a result of RTD's unique requirements.

Denver RTD PoliceRMS, CAD, Mobile

Our agency likes the generated statistical reports that are easily produced for presentation to the school board or city council. They look professional, and are so easy to generate. The software is easy to work with and very user friendly.

Pecos Barstow Toyah ISD PoliceRMS

The level of support and care from sales to implementation is astounding. For a small agency such as ours, this was the solution to efficiency, ease of use, NIBRS compliance, and record management.

Alta Town Marshals OfficeRMS

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