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The evolution of customer service, for agencies with unique operational needs.

How it Works

Enhanced Customer Care

EFORCE provides the industry’s best customer service to all our customers, but for an agency with complex operational requirements due to size or other factors, going the extra mile is mission critical.  You deserve a software provider that is as ready to meet those needs are you are!

EFORCE created the EVO program for premium level customers.  This initiative allows us the flexibility to dedicate time, services and resources to meeting your unique requirements, the way they need to be met.

Police officer speaking during training

EVO is:
Qualified Professionals, Proactive Preparedness and Priority Service.


What’s Included?

Dedicated Account Advocate

The most important piece of EVO is your dedicated Account Advocate!

Having a single point of contact for all issues, be they technical or logistical, streamlines the process and ensures prompt and effective service.  Your Account Advocate works directly with our various department heads on your behalf to manage and resolve your support tickets, custom work with development, software updates and billing.

eForce dedicated account advocate as single point of contact

Certified EFORCE® Admins

True confidence comes from knowledge and experience.  EFORCE® wants our customers to enjoy the peace of mind that confidence brings, so we’ve put together a program to train and certify up to two (2) Software Admins at your agency.

This course has been adapted from one used to train EFORCE® employees about our software, and includes in depth instruction on how the software functions.  Topics include instruction in the following areas for each purchased product:

  • User Setup and Maintenance
  • System Security and Compliance
  • Configuration and Customization
  • Form Building
  • Strategies in Engaging your Agency

Annual Operational Assessments

One of the keys to success with any system is regular review.  We recognize the benefit in working with your team to align your operations with our software.  Each year, your Account Advocate will coordinate a complete system overview to ensure EFORCE® is meeting your agency’s needs.

We’ll work in tandem with your Software Administrators to review your operations and the way you have your software configured.  By incorporating the feedback from your user base through their supervisors, we’ll be able to tailor your setups to your agency’s specific needs and increase your efficiency.

Annual Onsite Training & Biannual Webinars

Even the best built system is only as good as the knowledge of its participants.  If your personnel are not trained on how to use your system correctly, maintenance will be a constant challenge.

With EVO, we’ll schedule a 1-3 day training annually at your agency.  Holding this in conjunction with your Annual Operational Assessment will ensure that any of the changes you made during this review are communicated effectively directly to your agency’s personnel.

We also know that your new employees need training, so we’ll host two (2) live webinars with an EFORCE® Certified Trainer each year to coincide with your academy graduation and FTO cycles.

Continued Care

Your system needs attention more than once a year.  Keeping on top of issues is a full-time effort.  As the need arises, we’re committed to working through the problems together.  We’re offering our consultation services for your operational changes and other requirements.

Our qualified team of experts includes a wide array of law enforcement experience and knowledge, particularly in adapting our software system to meet your needs.  We’ve worked with hundreds of agencies of all sizes across the country.

Enhanced After Hours Care & Preferential Updates

In addition to the 24-7 support services offered to all EFORCE® Customers, your agency’s Account Advocate will be notified by support, immediately, with any emergency.  Your Account Advocate will then be empowered to pool whatever resources are needed to resolve the issue immediately, 24-7, 365.

Your Account Advocate will also work with your Certified System Admins to configure new features and help them plan a course of instruction for your user base to ensure an optimal rollout of each update.

Premium Hosting Services

Disaster can strike at any moment.  That’s part of the beauty of a hosted solution.  Hosting off-site ensures your software functions through an emergency at your location.  But what about if something were to happen to the hosting center?

While your hosted data is always safe with EFORCE®, adding additional redundancy to your hosted system ensures maximum up time for your software.  Premium Hosting includes a geo-redundant fail over for your entire system, not just your data.

Other Products We Offer

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Secure and Compliant

EFORCE® Software is the perfect coupling of connectivity and security. Modern technology facilitates the safeguarded availability of our full software suite on any internet connected device. We strictly adhere to the FBI’s CJIS Security Policy, applicable state regulations, and industry best practices in the design and implementation of our software solutions.

Find the Perfect Solution

Seeing is believing! We would love to show you why EFORCE® is the clear choice for your agency’s software needs.