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Customer Testimonials

A True Measure Of Success


Our customers are like family to us - and not the dysfunctional kind. When they partner with us, we understand they're making a big commitment to, and putting a lot of trust in, our company. We believe that commitment goes both ways. Which is why we work hard to take care of them.

Achieving success by working together is at the core of our philosophy. As a result, we deliver solutions that add value to our entire family of EFORCE users, instead of a single agency, or a single user. We've seen both our customers and our company succeed by following this simple idea. And that success will continue to grow. 

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What our customers are saying...

eFORCE is what law enforcement needs.


Sherman County Sheriff’s Office

Good job in listening to our needs.


Monument PD

Thank you for being so quick to respond to questions, complaints or problems. It's what sets you apart from everyone else.


University of Northern CO PD

Great job on the upgrade! The system is more professional looking, still user friendly and the additions that were suggested were taken to heart and implemented. Very impressive.


Windsor PD

eFORCE has been on target addressing any concerns that have come up as a result of RTD's unique requirements.


Denver RTD

Picking eFORCE as our final choice was easy. The team at eFORCE worked very hard to earn our business and draft a proper plan of attack for implementing our requests and managing our expectations.


Edgewood PD