Michon Covington

Operations Officer

Michon CovingtonWith the help of Michon, eFORCE Software is a fiscally viable company with strong financials, boasting no debt and ample working capital. This gives us the freedom to be nimble and to proactively innovative at the leading edge of the industry.

Our robust financial position provides us choices that allow our team to only take on projects that will be a success for both eFORCE and our customers. We manage our working capital efficiently and responsibly, with advanced forecasting and budgeting tools.

In addition, we’re always making decisions with the customer in mind as part of our strategic offering to provide an affordable product. Transparency is important to us, which is why we have our financials reviewed by a third party firm on an annual basis.

eFORCE Software recruits and retains top talent and enjoys very little turnover within our team. We provide a good work-life balance, sharing a strong value and appreciation for family.

This attitude starts at the top, with our CEO Cory Bowers, and is felt throughout every department. The excellent environment, in concert with clear expectations, sincere and constructive criticism, and the ability to grow and learn in your job, foster an engaged and passionate team who rely on their relationships with our customers and other team members to provide innovative, sustainable solutions.