Cory Bowers

CEO, President

Cory BowersAs a public safety agency there are many challenges you face, including budgetary and political constraints. To design a solution for an ideal environment without these challenges is somewhat simple. To design one otherwise is very different.

Each agency I visit is diverse. Although the core of what they do is closely related, their individual needs may vary widely. This is why our focus is to provide easy-to-use, easy-to-implement, highly-configurable, off-the-shelf, solutions and pricing structures to accommodate the individual needs and budgets of each agency.

It’s imperative that eFORCE is different, in many ways, than what is characteristic in the public safety software industry. It’s also important that we set the trends and look outside the box to overcome the challenges technology has presented in the past.

Your software should be an easy-to-use operational support tool, which increases public and officer safety. In short, your software should support you, you should not have to support your software.