eFORCE Records Management Software (RMS) is designed specifically to make your records management process easy and accurate. Since our RMS is web-based, you can access your police database from any connected tablet, desktop computer, or smartphone. The software adapts to your agency’s needs with the capability to be hosted or locally installed.

Robust and proven, eFORCE RMS has successfully helped many agencies with their comprehensive record management needs. Implementing the system is painless. Ongoing management of the software is automatic with easy system updates.

Not to mention, you can rest peacefully at night, knowing your data is completely secure and you’re in good hands with a company that has established a reputation for excellent customer service.

Tools Designed for Specific Job Duties

RMS dashboard

eFORCE RMS task management tools let you set up your own user-specific dashboards, helping you keep on top of casework progress, reports underway, report filings, training and certification seminars and more.

After filing, RMS can monitor report progress for UCR, IBR, and state-specific reports. It’ll even validate your reports as you write them, making sure they’re compliant the first time, and every time.

If you’re an investigator or analyst, you can use the eFORCE RMS tools to search through multi-jurisdictional databases to find related cases, people, vehicle or property information.

Hosting Options Available

cloud based software

We can either host your RMS at our secure data center or install it locally at your agency.

The software works seamlessly with any other eFORCE product as well as many of the CAD, Jail, Court or State systems used by multiple agencies.

Secure SAAS and Cloud Services are also available.

Advanced Tools and Functionality

RMS data sharing website

eFORCE RMS hooks you up with advanced functionality that empowers you and your coworkers. One-time data entry saves everybody hours of time. Our interface tools allow you to share data seamlessly with databases used by other agencies.

It works with Windows Operating Systems, Microsoft SQL Server DB, and is cross-browser capable.

BOTTOM LINE: Our RMS gives you intuitive, and extremely helpful, features that aren’t available in other record management systems.