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Municipal Court Software

Goodbye duplicate data entry. Hello efficiency.

Consistently Effective

Use eFORCE Municipal Court Software to track the status and dates of your events in real time. Import and create citations, track fines, fees, and restitution, and more. In addition, you can also seamlessly import any citation from your eFORCE Records Management solution.

Our user-friendly design lets you add or edit court conditions, create internal and external dockets, and even add user-defined fields to give your agency exactly what it needs to succeed.

Learn more about what eFORCE Municipal Court Software can do to improve your courtroom processes.


Court software dashboard

Scheduling and Alerts

Planning and setting up scheduled alerts is a breeze with eFORCE Municipal Court Software. It was designed to keep you updated on all your pertinent court details, including dates, conditions, restitution and fines/fees.

Our court management software is also designed to notify you of events like important court dates or other important information that requires your attention. We want to make sure you don’t miss anything significant in your line of work.

See for yourself how the scheduling and alert tools work. Set up a demo today.


Court scheduling software
Court software that makes you faster and more efficient.

Automatic Validation

When you create, submit or alter any citation or case information, eFORCE Municipal Court Software will automatically verify and check for any entry errors to make sure your data is always correct and as accurate as possible. 

This is a favorite feature for many of our court customers. Not only does it keep their data clean, but it also streamlines their processes and improves the overall quality of their work.

This tool and others are available for your court at a competitive price. Find out just how affordable it is by requesting a free quote today.


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What our customers are saying...

eFORCE is what law enforcement needs.


Sherman County Sheriff's Office

Our time to complete cases has been cut in half. Everything is much more efficient.


North Slope Borough PD

eFORCE has provided the consistency and ease that we needed to unify the department and the community, and to enhance the services we provide every day.


Maricopa Community College District

We were impressed with the ease for users. Ease of pulling the data in and out and using it in reports. We love how easy it is to teach to new employees.


Lincoln County Sheriff's Office

eFORCE is quick to act on requests, always happy to help and never leave anything unfinished.


Quartzsite PD