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MOBILE Software

Faster transactions, precise data, happier officers


It’s time officers dispatch themselves, review reports on the go, and issue paperless citations. 
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You can keep track of officers in the field in real-time. Once on scene, responders can update their dispatch status and access all call information for total situation awareness.

eFORCE Mobile Police Software also includes the functionality for officers to access your department’s EFORCE Records Management Software whenever you need mission-critical data.

In addition, you can also check on the wanted status of a person, vehicle or piece of property, from the convenience of an iPhone or iPad.

mobile CAD view on a iPhone and iPad

CaseStudyICON-1Mt. Juliet Police Department chose EFORCE Mobile to grow with them. READ MORE

Advanced Functionality

Run state-specific queries on vehicle registrations or drivers' licenses from your Toughbook, tablet or phone with eFORCE Mobile Police Software.

Secure communication and quick access to your database are mandatory on the job. Our web-based mobile software is designed to help you deal more effectively with situations in real-time. As a result, you can give better assistance to those in need. And all of this can happen from the comfort, reliability and convenience of your preferred mobile device.

Want to see how it works? Sign up for a demo. No strings attached, no committment required. 


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Mobile police software that works wherever you do.

Touch and Go... literally

Improve your agency's communication, efficiency and convenience, all at the same time.

eFORCE Mobile Police Software makes data sharing easier between dispatchers and your officers or deputies in the field.

Officers can view valuable dispatch information in real time and put themselves in route to an emergency with a few touches on their mobile device. Mission critical data can flow smoothly to those who need it, right when they need it.

Not only do we provide leading-edge features within our mobile technology, we also do it without breaking your bank. Our mobile software is available as both an add-on or stand-alone solution.

dispatch to call alert on phone


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