e-Citations on an iPhone

Toss out the old pen and paper and start saving time and money with eFORCE e-Citations Software.

Now you can manage citations from the comfort of your iPhone or iPad. With eFORCE e-Citations we take the complexity out of the citation process and replace it with simplicity, convenience and greater flexibility.

Shave time off of your routine traffic stops. Write fare citations with ease. Even push the e-Citation data to your own RMS and/or court software through our eFORCE API, which saves you money and eliminates the need to change additional software.


More Than Your Average e-Citations

Mobile Review and Sign Citations

Designed for the simplicity and easy use of an iPad or iPhone, our app will make your citations process as painless as ever.

Write a citation. Edit it, when necessary. Sign it. Then print it on the go. You can also run select e-Citation reports whenever you need them.

It’s time to start managing your citation work flow with a touch of your finger, literally.

Get the Data You Need, When You Need It

Mobile e Citations scanphotos web version

Capture photos, fingerprints, signatures and more without the restraints of a bulky laptop or the hassle of countless carbon paper copies.

With the right equipment, you can also scan drivers licenses and look up their records in the eFORCE RMS.

Not to mention, we work really hard to keep our software clean, simple and easy-to-use for you and your officers, deputies or troopers.