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Computer-Aided Dispatch



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One of Fitzgerald's favorite things about eFORCE's Computer-Aided Dispatch software is how, "the program allows all users, from line-level call-takers and dispatchers to patrol supervisors and even the Chief, to input and access real-time information, statistics and other important information for our department.”

eFORCE CAD can also decrease your response time using command line control and can dispatch for multiple agencies. 

Other features include robust response plans and integrated ESRI mapping, seamless data sharing, status timer alerts and a dynamic alert bar.

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Maricopa Community College District improves efficiency with EFORCE CAD

The Maricopa Community College District has been using EFORCE Software solutions for nearly four years. Public Safety Communications Supervisor, Jessica Fitzgerald, has seen her agency's level of efficiency significantly increase during that time.

"EFORCE has taken tasks that used to take days to complete and reduced them to mere minutes," said Fitzgerald.

The public safety department is home to 75 officers and serves 225,000 citizens across 10 college campuses.

Maricopa Community College

Easy to Use

After having used a number of other systems in the past, Fitzgerald said, "eFORCE is, by far, the most user-friendly system available for use." 

That's because our computer-aided dispatch software is designed not only for speed and reliability, but also ease-of-use. It's 100% web-based, which means it can be used from virtually any location, helping you avoid downtime. Local installation is also available, if preferred.

Knowing you can depend on your dispatch software when it’s needed is critical to your success and the safety of your community. eFORCE CAD will give you the assurance you need to do your job well and sleep better at night.

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integrated ESRI mapping
Dispatch software that's flexible and easy to use.

Unparalleled Functionality

"Our officers arrive on scene with more information and knowledge than ever before, which helps them make better informed decisions, avoid liability and threats, and ultimately stay safer on the road. For us, this was simply not possible without eFORCE, and that alone was worth every part of our investment," said Fitzgerald.

In addition, Fitzgerald also claimed that, “eFORCE was easily identified as the most effective, positively peer reviewed, affordable, and easily trained system available throughout the bid process.”

Find out just how affordable a new dispatch solution, like eFORCE CAD, could be for your agency.

Police CAD dashboard


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