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Civil Process Software

Customize your experience for the best service possible

Custom Dashboards

Customize your civil process system with eFORCE Civil Process Software. 

Implementation and training can be done in record time since the software is so easy to learn and use.

Our civil process solution gives you the ability to build your own dashboard, so you can view the information you care about most, all in one place, making you and your staff more efficient.

Get more details from our printable brochure.


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Easy Data Entry

Our civil process software was designed to be as simple and efficient as possible.

Create your own user and agency-specific experience. Add your own custom fields and create agency-defined codes to tailor the program to your needs.

Keep detailed records of civil processes and view contact information for serving individuals and service officers.

See how simple it is to set up your own custom fields and codes by scheduling a demo today.


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Civil process software that'll make you more efficient.

Track and Report

Use eFORCE Civil Process Software to quickly and easily view process information; including who is requesting or sending documents, which documents are being served, which organization to charge and the associated payments. 

Track your documents from start to finish, and create valuable reports when you need them. 

Discover how affordable a flexible, intuitive civil process software solution can be for your department.


civil report - service log

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What our customers are saying...

So far, we are very happy with eFORCE. They have been great in handling problems, immediately. We are extremely happy with the software.

Laguna Vista PD

eFORCE is quick to act on requests, always happy to help and never leave anything unfinished.


Quartzsite PD

The training was a surprise; that it could be done in just a few hours of training per officer, then we could go live. That’s unheard of with other software we’ve experienced.


Lincoln County Sheriff's Office

eFORCE is, by far, the most user-friendly system available for use.


Maricopa Community College District

eFORCE Software is a cost effective way to address many of a department’s needs.


Soda Springs PD