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NIBRS Reporting


User Friendly NIBRS built for your entire Agency!

Streamline your NIBRS Reporting with software specifically designed to simplify and reduce work for your entire agency.

What's Important?

The REAL priority of American Law Enforcement isn't record keeping...

Like you, we were tired of struggling with NIBRS.  We’re confident that the program was created with the best of intentions, and it’s done real good for American Law Enforcement, but there’s a reason why EVERYONE struggles with it.

So, we drew on our frustrations and designed an RMS that balances the desire for statistical information with the purpose of Law Enforcement; preventing and solving crime!  Police Departments and Sheriff’s Offices have become buried in book keeping and “it only takes a second to record xyz info.”  That “only takes a second” adds up fast, and equals your patrol team spending half their shift in the Office!

The Problem

Why do Agencies struggle with NIBRS?

Patrol Doesn't Speak NIBRS...

Simply put, the problem at the core of NIBRS reporting is that the FBI built the reporting for the wrong group of people.  Patrol is the group with all the information, but the reporting process couldn’t be more foreign to them.

Having been there and done it, we can say on good authority that NIBRS was not designed with Patrol in mind.  The terminology NIBRS uses is different than the language spoken by Patrol, and the data NIBRS asks for is impossible to classify without the FBI’s secret decoder ring…

With little to no training, Patrol is expected to know what NIBRS is, and how to report it correctly.  And predictably, because they’re poorly trained on a counterintuitive process, they mess it up.

The tools designed to fix the problem don't address the real issue.

Many of our competitors offer “NIBRS Validators” designed to review the incident after it’s completed and tell the Officer what they forgot.  The problem with those tools is the same as NIBRS itself; if the Officer doesn’t know how to classify the incident, the tool can never work, no matter how good it is.

Playing "Ring Around the Report" is killing your agency's productivity!

Your records clerks have the knowledge and training to clean the reports up, but they don’t know what happened.  Sometimes they can guess, but inevitably they’re going to have to connect with Patrol.  So your agency plays “ring around the report” sending incidents back and forth between records and patrol, until they finally get the NIBRS reporting entered correctly (at least until they get the error report back from the state…).

The Solution

NIBRS built for your agency, not the FBI

EFORCE RMS was designed to help your agency “speak NIBRS” fluently.  No more decoder rings and secret instruction manuals.

Your patrol team doesn’t need specialty training, they need a tool that works for THEM, not the other way around.  By helping them classify their report when it’s created, in terms they’re familiar with, our software sets the requirements at the beginning of their work.  They know from the start what they need to put in, using terms they understand.

No more guessing what they need, or fixing it after the fact.  No more sending the report all over your agency.  It’s done right, the first time around.

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