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If your agency has a lot of need but no money,
let's talk grants.

We see it all the time, agencies like yours are being asked to do more with less. Which is why we developed a full-fledged grant writing division at EFORCE. While we can't help you with your aging fleet,  our team of expert writers have helped agencies get hundreds of thousands of dollars to upgrade their RMS and CAD and even acquire e-citation solutions at NO COST. On some of our recent grants, 98% of the agencies we assisted received funding.




What We Do
    1. Scour the internet and review grant alerts to find relevant funding.
    2. Contact interested agencies like yours to make them aware of eligible grants.
    3. Assist with the grant narrative by providing templates or language that has proven effective.
    4. Assemble and coordinate multi-agency grant opportunities.
    5. Connect you with a grant-writing professional to give your grant the best chance of being approved.


  1. Note, our team are experts in helping you get software grants. We do this because we hope you'll consider EFORCE's products. If you're looking for general grant information, there are other services that may better suit your needs.


Current Trending Grants / Open Solicitations

Grant Relevant Agencies Status Deadline
TN Governor's Local Government Grants  Cities / Counties Open Funded
NIBRS Reporting Texas Submitted Passed
Strategies for Policing Innovation Multi-Agency Submitted Passed
CARES Act Funding All States Ongoing Ongoing
Homeland Security / JAG Grant


Submitted Passed
Homeland Security / JAG Grant


Open Very Soon



Let Us Help Find Your Grant

New grants are made available each day. Please reach out and let us know you’re interested.
The next time we see something that matches your agencies need, we’ll reach out.