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The Importance of Technology in Public Service

Posted by eFORCE on November 28, 2018


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People who work in public service have big jobs. From dispatch operators to firefighters and police officers, they depend on technology to help them get the job done. While these jobs have existed a lot longer than computers and software, the technology is important. It helps make each person more effective, doing their jobs better and easier. To understand the difference a great software program can bring to public service, it’s important to understand the jobs themselves. Here are four public service jobs that benefit from technology.

Dispatch Operators

When someone makes a call to 9-1-1, the call is answered by a dispatch operator. They are the front lines for many public services and it is important that they have the necessary tools to do their job quickly and correctly. Dispatchers use software to help key in codes, direct calls, and keep recordings of the calls they receive. With the right devices, the software does multiple jobs, like relay addresses to fire departments and forward crime reports to patrol officers.

Police Officers

Law enforcement software works in connection with dispatch software. Through mobile phones, officers can receive information and updates on crimes and 9-1-1 calls to keep them informed before they show up to respond to a call. On their end, they can keep dispatch informed on their status, location, and information updates on calls. If they need to access information, integrated programs can also let officers access police databases, giving them better tools to do their jobs. Software is helpful for other things too. A good portion of police work is in paperwork and officers are required to put in many hours every shift. With technology, officers can fill out paperwork online from their devices while they are on patrol, answering a call, or taking a break. This saves them a lot of time and keeps everyone up to date on important files.

Transit Authority

Transit fare enforcement software helps security officers have often used paper and pen to issue citations and tickets when they are working. In today’s world, many businesses are paperless and that is the direction of transit authority too. From a mobile phone or tablet, it is possible to create citations, record complaints, scan government IDs, document accidents, and suspend patrons. This allows officers to do everything on the spot and spend less time inputting information into a computer later.

Jail Managers

Booking an inmate is one of the most time-consuming parts of the jail system. This costs tax payers more money and can cause a backlog if there are many bookings at a time. With efficient jail management software, jail managers can quickly pull information from databases, make reports, create new files, or update existing ones.

With public service software, the most important factor is that the software has an interface that is straight forward and easy to use. While training on systems will always be required, the more basic forms and processes are invaluable to doing a job right under stress. Whether it is accessing a database from anywhere or booking someone into jail, the technology can make all the difference.


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