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eFORCE Software Announces 2017 Users Conference

eFORCE Software will be hosting its 2017 Users Conference, September 18-21 in Logan, Utah, home to the company’s headquarters. “Last year’s conference was a big success, and we’re hoping to make this year even better,” said Brandon Taylor, Marketing...
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West Yellowstone Police Department picks eFORCE for mobile software needs

The town of West Yellowstone, Montana has chosen eFORCE Software to provide its police department with new-age software solutions for its dispatchers, records staff and officers. The department’s mission is to “work closely with local residents,...
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Seattle Police Engage with Public by Blasting Aliens

Digital engagement with the public in a casual, safe environment can often be a challenge for police. A number of departments have adopted social media to improve communication with their community members. The Seattle Police Department has gotten...
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eFORCE Rated Among the Best Law Enforcement Software Providers In 2017

eFORCE Software was recently placed at the top of the list for best law enforcement software in 2017, according to Cloudsmallbusinessservice.com. The website, which provides reviews, ratings and information about software for varying industries,...
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4 Ways Technology Is Improving Communication in Law Enforcement

In a 2010 article published on PoliceOne.com, Lt. Jim Glennon, author of Arresting Communication: Essential Interaction Skills for Law Enforcement, said “For law enforcement professionals, communication skills are the most important of all the...
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How the Right Police Database Software Improves Public Safety

The primary goal of any law enforcement agency anywhere is to promote public safety, and technology has become a big part of this. Everything from basic communication to data storage is easier with the right computer aided dispatch software. At...
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4 Tips to Get You the Right Public Safety Records Management Software

In public safety, there are plenty of things to think about from day to day. One of the less glamorous, but certainly still very important, things is the proper way to collect and store information that is accurate, accessible and available in a...
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North Slope Borough Police Department chooses eFORCE Software for public safety needs

America’s farthest north municipal police department, North Slope Borough PD, has chosen eFORCE Software to meet its unique needs. “I was very impressed by the sales team and the product demo,” said Chief Travis Welch, when asked what influenced his...
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America Is Still Great, and Here's Why

Political polarization. Social unrest. Economic uncertainty. These are all current issues that make it easy to forget the good that still exists among the citizens of this great nation. It’s easy to forget that America is still great. None of us are...
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The Role of Social Media in Law Enforcement

Social media is being used more and more by law enforcement, and not just to fight internet related crimes. From felons on Facebook to tips via Twitter, social media has become a tool to help solve crimes that are happening on the street, and behind...
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