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America Is Still Great, and Here's Why

Political polarization. Social unrest. Economic uncertainty. These are all current issues that make it easy to forget the good that still exists among the citizens of this great nation. It’s easy to forget that America is still great. None of us are...
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The Role of Social Media in Law Enforcement

Social media is being used more and more by law enforcement, and not just to fight internet related crimes. From felons on Facebook to tips via Twitter, social media has become a tool to help solve crimes that are happening on the street, and behind...
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Surprising Surge in Law Enforcement Technology

Small-Town Police Departments Battle Modern Tech Challenges Almost everyone has likely driven through or stopped by a relatively small town, reminiscent of Mayberry or the other idealistic communities portrayed in the popular media of yesteryear....
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eFORCE to showcase mobile police app at IACP 2016 conference

Logan, UT (October 11, 2016) – eFORCE Software, a leading provider of online public safety software, will be highlighting its versatile police mobile app for public safety departments at this year’s International Association of Chiefs of Police...
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eFORCE Software brings leading dispatching and user experience to APCO 2016

Logan, UT (July 21, 2016) – eFORCE Software, an industry-leading provider of web-based public safety software, will be showcasing the enhanced mobile functionality and user-friendly design of its law enforcement solution suite at APCO 2016 in...
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Help, My Software Is Older Than I Am

If your law enforcement agency uses software at all to manage your records, you probably feel like you’re ahead of the game. Or you’re at least ahead of those agencies that still use pen and paper, spreadsheets and manual reminders to keep their...
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Help, My Software Is Too Difficult To Use

We’ve all had the painful experience of having to deal with software that’s too difficult to use or unnecessarily complicated. Most software programs and apps are becoming increasingly user-friendly and intuitive. But law enforcement software can...
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eFORCE Software Ranked Among Top 5 in the Global Law Enforcement Software

Technavio, a leading global technology research company, recently announced that eFORCE Software is one of the top five law enforcement software vendors expected to make a significant impact in the global law enforcement software market in the next...
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Help, My Software Is Not Meeting Our Department's Needs

Even though they perform many of the same functions, different law enforcement agencies have their own specific needs. Maybe you have had the same software for a while and need to choose a new system because yours is hopelessly outdated or not...
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Be inspired by Elizabeth Smart at the 2016 eFORCE Users Conference

Keynote speakers are always a big part of conferences. Some are industry experts. Some are entertainers or celebrities. Others have run successful businesses or political campaigns. But they all share at least one common purpose: to influence their...
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