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The Importance of Technology in Public Service

  People who work in public service have big jobs. From dispatch operators to firefighters and police officers, they depend on technology to help them get the job done. While these jobs have existed a lot longer than computers and software, the...
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Behind the Blue Line: How Police Software Works

  Behind the Blue Line: How Police Software Works Police officers are out in the community working every day. With so many different patrol cars and one or two off-site dispatch centers, the communication systems are unique. Finding the right, most...
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Technological Advancements in Police Work

  The relationship between technology and police work has come a long way since 1933 when the first time a two-way radio was installed in a patrol car. Now police officers rely on technology to help protect them, solve crimes, and stay ahead of...
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How 911 Dispatch Works

When there is an emergency, calling 911 has become an instinctive reaction. For 50 years, Americans have been calling 911 for help and there are approximately 240 million people do it each year. The number was created to be easy to remember and...
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A Day in the Life of a Cop

Police officers, or cops, are held to a very high standard of law. They work hard to keep communities safe and educated, but train too.  We know cops put their lives on the line, but most people don’t know what goes on in their day to day life....
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Tim Ballard  to Speak at 2017 eFORCE Users Conference

Sex trafficking is the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world. Nearly two million children worldwide live as sex slaves. “Good people don’t know how vast this problem is,” said Tim Ballard, Founder and CEO of Operation Underground Railroad
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“Modern-day abolitionist” to speak at eFORCE Conference

  An abolitionist is defined as “a person who favors the abolition (or termination) of any law or practice deemed harmful to society.” The word is commonly used when referring to someone who wanted to end slavery in the United States before the...
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eFORCE Software Announces 2017 Users Conference

eFORCE Software will be hosting its 2017 Users Conference, September 18-21 in Logan, Utah, home to the company’s headquarters. “Last year’s conference was a big success, and we’re hoping to make this year even better,” said Brandon Taylor, Marketing...
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West Yellowstone Police Department picks eFORCE for mobile software needs

The town of West Yellowstone, Montana has chosen eFORCE Software to provide its police department with new-age software solutions for its dispatchers, records staff and officers. The department’s mission is to “work closely with local residents,...
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Seattle Police Engage with Public by Blasting Aliens

Digital engagement with the public in a casual, safe environment can often be a challenge for police. A number of departments have adopted social media to improve communication with their community members. The Seattle Police Department has gotten...
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