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Making Police Records More Efficient

Posted by eFORCE on December 10, 2018

Eforce Software - Making Police Records More Efficient - 20181204Police records are important, which is why officers are required to fill out so much paperwork. The records help keep everyone up to date on the latest happenings in a case, what procedures were followed, and keep everyone accountable. Records are also important for liability reasons, helping to ensure that all laws were followed, and due diligence was given to each case. Technology has improved a lot of processes, including making police records more efficient.

How It Increases Efficiency

There are a lot of steps to creating and maintaining records. Once a record is created, it is checked for compliance. Each time progress or a new development happens, it must be added to the record and then checked for compliance again. Filing it in the correct location is important so it can be easily located whenever it is needed. With an efficient record management program, there are a lot of benefits:

  • Create a digital record at the officer’s earliest convenience
  • Records can be viewed or updated at any location because they are synced to the phones and tablets officers carry with them through the internal system
  • Monitor progress for UCR, IBR, and state-specific reports
  • Use search tools to search multi-jurisdictional databases
  • Check for compliance as they are written so they are compliant the first time
  • Little to no training because of an easy-to-use, logical interface

With these benefits, it is easy to see how it can save officers a lot of time in the field and at their desk. Policework relies on records, but that doesn’t mean officers need to stay after their shifts to fill out all the required paperwork anymore. Instead, the law enforcement software allows them to do a lot of that work while they are doing patrols or on a break.

Why It Matters

Efficiency in records can save police officers time. They can run license plates, driver’s licenses, or other documents faster through their system to check if there is a warrant for someone’s arrest in another state, if they have stolen property, or any other vital information on the person’s record. This saves a lot of time and helps keep the public safer from dangerous people. Officers know more information going into a potential crime scene too, helping them provide aid in an emergency faster.

One of the biggest challenges with records is keeping them organized and compliant. With police records management software, records are saved in the correct location so anyone can view them quickly and easily, no matter where they are located. It also saves a lot of time with compliance when the software checks for key items while it is being created or updated. No more slow processing and red tape to get approval on a record.

Changing Your System

If you have decided that your records system could use an upgrade, let us help set your department up with a more efficient system. Software management is easy with automatic system updates and plenty of online support. Save yourself and everyone in the department valuable time with a faster, more reliable, digital record system.


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