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Implementing Public Safety Software in Rio Grande City, Texas

Posted by eFORCE on September 3, 2019



Rio Grande City, Texas is the county seat of Starr County and is one of the oldest settlements in South Texas.

While it has kept its small-town feel over the years, it has recently started to see a lot more growth.

With this new growth, though, comes a need to update and streamline the processes for several city departments, including law enforcement and public safety.

Recently, the city made the switch to eFORCE law enforcement software, and it has seen an immediate impact on its procedures.

Ease of Use Leads to Better Processes

When evaluating the benefits of the eFORCE records management system, J. Gomez, from the Rio Grande City police department, said: “I, in the Records Department, deal with reviewing reports, and it is easy to access everything I need. And the Suggested Changes area is amazing. I am able to copy the Narrative and add Suggested Changes for the officer to review and modify as needed.”

This software was designed to allow everyone involved with the records procedures to have an intuitive interface that makes it easy to share information where and when it’s needed – even if that involves other agencies.

Since this is a web-based solution, it is simple to implement and get running. All the ongoing maintenance and system management functions are handled on our end and done automatically, so every member of the staff can worry about completing their job, rather than keeping the system in top shape.

Serving the Community

Rio Grande City may not have the population of the major cities throughout Texas, it still has a thriving community that deserves the best from its public services.

Making the move to eFORCE software has made it much easier for the police department to provide the services the community needs.

Gomez said that: “Using the detailed information available in the software allows us to provide detailed reports to our community and also assist other law enforcement entities with information on persons of interest.”

Backing You Up

The eFORCE technical support team is there to help every step of the way, and this was clearly seen in Rio Grande City.

When asked what they enjoyed most about working with eFORCE, Gomez replied that: “Aside from the ease of access and all the available features, the Tech Support has always been amazing in resolving any questions that I had.”

Gomez went on to say: “I’d like to commend all the members of the Tech Support team for going above and beyond when I’ve had questions. Especially Charles Price who is my go-to Tech Support. He always makes sure any question, issue, or request I have gets handled promptly.”

Are You Read to Implement a New Solution?

Gomez said that due to the ease of access and the full range of capabilities included in the eFORCE software solution, they would gladly recommend this RMS to other agencies.

To receive your no-cost needs assessment and learn more about how eFORCE’s public safety software can help you better serve and protect your residents, contact us today.



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