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How the Right Police Database Software Improves Public Safety

Posted by Brandon Taylor on January 6, 2017

Officer with boy and dog [resized for blog].jpgThe primary goal of any law enforcement agency anywhere is to promote public safety, and technology has become a big part of this. Everything from basic communication to data storage is easier with the right computer aided dispatch software. At eFORCE, we have over 20 years of experience providing high-quality police database software solutions for agencies of all types.

Some may wonder why that’s important to the daily workings of a police department or sheriff’s office. Here’s why.


The ability to instantly and seamlessly communicate is vital to your success as a law enforcement officer. A reliable CAD dispatch system is a critical part of that process. Our eFORCE dispatch system is completely web-based, meaning officers can access it from anywhere. And it’s the easiest system on the market to learn quickly and start using efficiently.

The benefits to officers can be immense. They don’t even need to use a mouse to communicate information, and the software can help dispatch multiple agencies instantly in cases where this is necessary. Every little second counts in this game, and good police software goes a long way to maximizing efficiency.


Location Assistance

Another important part of a law enforcement officer’s daily tasks include locating people and places as quickly as possible. Good software makes this simple. Officers can be located at any time, and finding specific locations has never been quicker. In addition, officers can receive valuable information about a situation or location while they’re still en route, leaving them more prepared when they arrive on scene.


Data Analysis

By seamlessly integrating data across agencies, eFORCE and other dispatch systems makes data dissemination easier for everyone.

For police, data analytics can help determine proper patrolling patterns, criminal records of involved persons, dangerous past behavior of involved persons and more. Records management software allows information to be accessed from anywhere, even a phone, and can give pertinent alerts to officers.

For the public, the benefits can be huge as well. Capturing more data means police departments and sheriffs’ offices can make better decisions, keeping their communities safer.

It also gives departments the ability to share more relevant information with the public. In turn, citizens can respond more accurately and adequately to community concerns. The public can become more connected with their local law enforcement, and the two groups can do more to assist one another.

Need more information about the value of our eFORCE police database software solutions? Sign up for a short demo today. 


Photo from October 16, 2014 www.dare.org article


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