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How eFORCE Public Safety Software Helped a Colorado Town Keep Citizens Safe

Posted by eFORCE on May 21, 2019


{ Photo Credit - Jeffrey Beall }

The small, southern metro neighborhood of Lone Tree, CO has been growing consistently over the last few decades. Just 18 miles away from the Denver Metro area, Lone Tree has become an attractive option for families with a variety of interests. Besides being close to big city amenities, Lone Tree is also surrounded by a lot of outdoor space that is full of running, hiking and biking trails.

This community is safer thanks to eFORCE law enforcement software. The numerous trails and acres of outdoor space makes Lone Tree Estates a popular spot for city dwellers and visiting tourists looking for more affordable housing and lodging options. Along with the increased population growth of the community, an increase in crime has also developed in the area. Shortly after the community established the Lone Tree Police Department in 2004, they began using eFORCE’s public safety software.

Stephanie Zingg, an administrative employee with the City of Lone Tree cannot say enough about the benefits realized from using eFORCE’s public safety suite.  

“eFORCE has helped our agency in a way that allowed us to better serve our community by assisting me in developing customizable items to enter into each page of a report.,” said Zingg.

Customizable Reporting Boosts Office Productivity and Public Safety

With eFORCE Record Management Software, users can set up and create customized dashboards to best fit their needs and objectives. Additionally, the dashboard is easy to use. Whether you’re utilizing specific tools to manage and organize casework, reports, trainings or certifications, eFORCE’s public safety software makes it easy for your local law enforcement agency to better protect the residents in your community.

“eFORCE’s Records Management Software has a very easy to use interface that is easy to understand and navigate. The reporting writing is easy to use and easily customizable,” said Zingg.

The City of Lone Tree has used eFORCE’s law enforcement software to search through multiple jurisdictional databases to find people, property and vehicle information to deter crime and quickly catch offenders.

Stephanie continued that “eFORCE has enhanced the collecting and analyzing of data and case tracking.”

Amazing Tech Support

Stephanie also appreciates eFORCE’s outstanding customer service. “ I would recommend eForce RMS to other agencies like mine because the tech support rocks. I can call anytime I need and get help quickly. They are friendly and responsive to my requests.”

Whether you operate an emergency dispatch center, a local prison, a police department, court or legal position, it is vital to be organized, have access to true facts and current records and tools to protect the property and lives of the people who call your community home.

“What I have enjoyed most about working with eFORCE is the top grade responsiveness of the tech support. They also do a good job helping other vendors figure out their problems,” Zingg concludes.

To receive your no cost needs assessment and learn more about how eFORCE’s public safety software can help you better serve and protect your residents, get more info HERE.



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