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America Is Still Great, and Here's Why

Posted by eFORCE on December 13, 2016

Cowboy roping thief video img (3).jpgPolitical polarization. Social unrest. Economic uncertainty. These are all current issues that make it easy to forget the good that still exists among the citizens of this great nation. It’s easy to forget that America is still great.

None of us are perfect. We all struggle with our own flaws. We get that. But while mainstream media feeds us all an incessant buffet of negative stories, we still think America is full of more decent, honorable people than we’re led to believe. People who respect and support local law enforcement. People like Robert Borba.


An Unexpected Aid

Borba is a 28-year-old cowboy. He works on a cattle ranch near Eagle Point, Oregon. A few months ago, on a routine trip to Walmart for some dog food, Borba encountered an unusual situation.

While leaving the store parking lot on horseback, he heard a woman yelling, “Stop him. Stop him. He stole my bike.”

“I kind of looked around you know, and then all of a sudden this guy goes whizzing by on a bicycle,” said Borba.

Unable to catch the perpetrator on foot, Borba pursued him on horseback, lasso in hand.

“Couple of swings, and I threw it at him,” he told reporters. “Just like I rope a steer.”


Seeing Is Believing

Borba called 911 after apprehending the culprit. The whole event was difficult to believe. Not only for those who witnessed it firsthand, but also for the 911 operator on the receiving end of Borba’s call.

Operator: 911. What’s the address of the emergency?

Borba: We got a guy who just stole a bike here at Walmart. I got him roped and tied to a tree.

Operator: What?!

Borba: I got him roped from a horse and he’s tied to a tree.

Eagle Point police officer Chris Adams arrived on the scene shortly after the call. He was surprised to find the man tied to a tree with his ankles bound and hitched to Borba’s horse. Just like a steer at the rodeo. The 911 call was real.

“I’d take him by my side any day,” said Adams.


Great People Make a Great America

When asked why he decided to take action, Borba simply responded, “I just figured it was the right thing to do, you know. If it were my wife, or my little girl, I’d hope somebody would help, if I weren’t around.”

People like Robert Borba are what make America great. And he’s not alone. There are countless other examples of people serving, protecting and helping each other every day, all across the country. These are the stories on which we should focus. These are the pillars that will help us stand stronger in the face of today’s challenges.



Original Source, CBS News: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/hero-oregon-cowboy-lassoes-attempted-bike-thief/


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