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Interesting facts about 9-1-1 calls

Posted by Brandon Taylor on April 12, 2016

For more than forty years, the United States emergency 9-1-1 system has served communities and saved lives across the country. It forges a critical link between the public and emergency services. However, few people know any details about this taxing line of work. In tribute to our members of the "Thin Gold Line", we've created an infographic to share some interesting facts about 9-1-1 calls.

We're proud to recognize the individuals who work tirelessly at 9-1-1 dispatch centers throughout the nation to keep us, our families, our friends and our neighbors safe. They often take on one of the most stressful, thankless roles in the most challenging of situations. It's a job that deserves appreciation, but unfortunately, it's not given often enough.

Educating the public about the importance and appropriate use of the nation's emergency telecommunication network is a major focus of organizations like the National 9-1-1 Education Coalition, National Emergency Number Association (NENA), Association of Public Safety Communications Officials (APCO) and more. Each of these groups recognizes the month of April, and particularly the second week of April, by organizing events and/or resources across the country. Follow the links above to see what they each have planned.


911 Facts


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