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State of eFORCE Address

Posted by Brandon Taylor on March 11, 2015

I always enjoy writing this piece for our newsletter.  It provides me the opportunity to reflect on our successes, lessons learned, and to share with you the vision of eFORCE moving forward.  However, before I begin, I want to thank every customer for their partnership with us.  Every idea, suggestion, and constructive criticism has and will continue to ensure eFORCE leads the industry for years to come.

Cory Bowers imageIn my address, I will be touching on a couple of areas I believe are important to any customer.

First, the current trajectory and successes of eFORCE.  It’s important you are a part of a highly successful, innovative company who can provide you the best services and technology, now and in the future.

Second, our strategy not to let our growth reduce your level of customer service.

Lastly, our plans to stay on top of the technology curve and to enhance the products and services we provide.


This past year has been one of growth and accomplishment in many areas; one of them being the number of existing customers who moved from their local environment to our hosted facility and the majority of new customers who chose hosted versus a local installation.

As you can see from other sections of this newsletter, our entire staff has been extremely busy this year. In addition to a large number of product enhancements, we have also created a team who is focusing on our new mobile solutions, which includes applications designed specifically for the latest smartphones and tablets. Look for the first phase release of these new products in the near future. These accomplishments alone would be considered a successful year, but not for our staff.

Our team also added many new customers last year and took a number of large projects live, including the Country of Trinidad and Tobago CAD system and the San Diego MTS CAD, Records, Court, and Mobile Fare Enforcement solutions.


In order to continue to provide a high level of support services, we have added resources to our support department.  Also, we have implemented several operational changes that include readily available access to our subject matter expertise for quicker response times to your support tickets.  Our support team is comprised of hard working, knowledgeable, high character individuals who truly care about you as a customer. They take personal interest in resolving your issues. As we grow, so will our customer support resources.  eFORCE does not have a large sales and marketing department, we rely heavily on referrals from our customers and the quality of our solutions to generate new sales.  We believe this creates a win-win scenario for everyone.


Moving forward we will be focusing on two areas.  First, to continue to develop and embrace new technologies that make it easier to input and access data. Second, to reduce the overhead, maintenance, and costs associated with software systems. Offering a complete suite of web-based solutions and hosting options are the biggest hurdles that we have conquered; now our focus will be on the additional services and mobile applications to fulfill our remaining objectives.

Thank you again for your friendship, time, feedback, and business.


Cory Bowers
President / CEO
eFORCE Software

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