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Next Gen eFORCE® Records Management Software Announced

Posted by Brandon Taylor on October 6, 2014

eFORCE® continues to raise the bar with its innovation.

Over 11 years ago eFORCE® Software released the first version of its web-based records management software (RMS) application to a handful of small customers. This version was a basic report writing application, which was installed locally at each agency. Today, the eFORCE® RMS web-based application is in use in over 200 law enforcement agencies world-wide in both a hosted and/or locally installed environment. eFORCE® customers range from small departments to large multi-state/multi-jurisdictional entities who utilize 11 years of forward thinking product enhancements to advance their operations and increase public safety.

In addition to setting the bar over a decade ago by developing a true web-based RMS solution, eFORCE® continued to raise it by being the first public safety software company with a complete suite of proven web-based solutions including Jail Management, Civil Process, Court, Fare Enforcement, Mobile/Handheld, and Computer Aided Dispatch. The release of the next generation of eFORCE® RMS will surely bump the bar even higher.

eFORCE® has not released all the details of the upcoming version. However, eFORCE®’s CEO, Cory Bowers, gave a glimpse of what it will include. “This next version of eFORCE® RMS will be a vast one; along with an updated user interface, it will include many additional features and tools that will allow agencies to easily further configure the system to fit their individual needs and SOP’s.

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