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The eFORCE Team would like to welcome the Kiowa County Sheriff’s Office

Posted by Brandon Taylor on January 15, 2013

The eFORCE Team would like to welcome the Kiowa County Sheriff’s Office to the eFORCE family.

“We are really excited to welcome another Colorado agency to the eFORCE Team,” said Cory Bowers, CEO of eFORCE Software. “We look forward to providing a solution for Kiowa County that can help them with their everyday needs today and for the future.”

eFORCE Software is no stranger in the state of Colorado and currently has over 30 agencies state wide. Kiowa CSO recently selected eFORCE® Records Management Software to be hosted with the eFORCE® Hosted Solution.

Many agencies do not have the resources required, neither financial nor technical, to establish and maintain a records management system to store incident and related data generated within its jurisdiction. The eFORCE hosting solution allows agencies to house their data, maintain it, and back it up at the eFORCE hosting facility.

eFORCE Software offers the best and most modern browser-based public safety software solution that is cost efficient, robust and easy to use. eFORCE Software also possesses the unique combination of thin client technologies, integrated products, technology, industry knowledge, and customer dedication. With customers spanning from Alaska to the state of New Jersey, eFORCE is there to help public safety agencies with the tools they will need to succeed today and into the future.

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