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eFORCE Would Like to Welcome New Texas Sheriffs and Police Departments

Posted by Brandon Taylor on December 2, 2011

eFORCE Software would like to welcome new Texas sheriffs and police departments.

eFORCE is one of the selected vendors who has been contracted to provide Texas agencies with Browser-Based Records Management Software under the RRMS project. The following Texas agencies have chosen eFORCE to meet their software needs:

  • Alvarado PD
  • Armstrong SO
  • Baily SO
  • Brooks SO
  • Collingsworth SO
  • Cumby PD
  • Floyd SO
  • Fulshear PD
  • Hall SO
  • Hill SO
  • Johnson SO
  • Kent SO
  • Laguna Vista PD
  • Littlefield PD
  • Lockney PD
  • Memphis PD
  • Muleshoe PD
  • New Deal PD
  • Oldham SO
  • Petersburg PD
  • Plainview PD
  • Presidio PD
  • Progresso PD
  • Rio Grande City PD
  • Slaton PD
  • Spur PD
  • Swisher SO
  • Tatum PD
  • Trinidad PD
  • Trinity SO
  • Wharton SO

Here are what a just a few of the agencies had to say after making the switch to eFORCE:

“We appreciate eFORCE’s patience. eFORCE has done a good job, and has gone
out of the way to make this work with their Intuitive browser-based navigation
systems enabled us to train quickly and effectively.”

--Spur Police Department

“The communication is great with the eFORCE Support Team! The support team
is available to answer any question or concern that may present itself."

-- Oldham County Sheriff's Office

“So far, we are very happy with eFORCE. They have been great in handling
the installation, training, and support questions excellently. We are 'Extremely Happy' with eFORCE® software.”

-- Laguna Vista Police Deparment

About eFORCE and the RRMS Project:

State of Texas Department of Public Safety selected eFORCE because of the hosted solution eFORCE offers. Many local Texas Law Enforcement Agencies do not have the resources required, neither financial nor technical, to establish and maintain a records management system to store incident and related data generated within its jurisdiction. eFORCE partnered up with Texas DPS to provide these agencies with a hosted solution. This will allow over 30+ Texas agencies to take full advantage of features offered by the eFORCE applications, at a much lower cost.

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