Use eFORCE Transit Fare Enforcement Software to verify involvement of transit patrons and document everything from complaints and accidents to criminal activity.

eFORCE simplifies the otherwise demanding and time-consuming work for law enforcement. We provide effective solutions to all of your data collection, processing, and management needs. With our proprietary tools, your agency and your field officers can be more productive and efficient.

Free up some time and make work easier with eFORCE Transit Fare Enforcement Software. Designed to improve productivity and convenience, our fare enforcement software lets you create and issue citations, record patron complaints, document accidents and more, all from your iPhone or iPad.

Now you can check your eFORCE Records Management Software (RMS) and warn, cite or suspend a transit patron directly from your handheld. Get your work done on the spot.

eFORCE Fare Enforcement works with the Motorola MC 75 handheld unit, letting you search the eFORCE RMS database by either scanning a government ID or manually entering a name. That’s convenience at its best.

In addition, eFORCE Fare Enforcement is designed to work well with all transit entities including bus and light rail, police officers, security personnel and safety/environmental enforcement. Our transit fare management software makes documenting accidents, citizen complaints, and criminal incidents quicker, simpler, and easier for everyone.

Handheld Functionality

Transit iphone

eFORCE Transit Fare Enforcement Software combines valuable functionality with the convenience of a handheld device.

That means you can verify the prior activity of transit patrons directly from your handheld device just by accessing the eFORCE RMS database.

It’s hard to get much simpler than that.

Increased Productivity

policehat checking

With eFORCE Transit Fare Enforcement Software, you can save significant time with the ability to access your records database on the go.

The power of your database can move with you in the palm of your hand.

Universal Capability

transit police accident

The state-of-the-art technology used to develop eFORCE Fare Enforcement Software makes it highly adaptable and perfect for documenting any form of incident for any transit division, including yours.


Find out how our transit fare enforcement software can help your agency by downloading a brochure or scheduling a demo.