Stay with officers in real time using the eFORCE Automatic Vehicle Location software.

Automatic system updates and a user-friendly design make this the most advanced vehicle location tool available on the market today.

Track vehicles in the field in real-time with eFORCE Automatic Vehicle Locators (AVL).

Unparalleled Assistance

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eFORCE Automatic Vehicle Locator (AVL) can assist any agency with its ability to give vital assistance in critical situations.

Based on GPS location, the AVL helps dispatchers effectively deploy officers to calls, maximize efficiency and better manage their time.

With eFORCE AVL, you can see your officers’ latitude, longitude, speed, direction, and device connectivity. As a result, you can deploy any officers nearest to the call when minutes matter.


Threat Prevention GPS

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AVL’s are becoming a standard tool in the public safety industry. Knowing where your unit’s vehicles are at all times creates a valuable safeguard in critical situations.

eFORCE AVL gives you and others in your agency some peace of mind, allowing you to virtually stay with all your officers around the clock, in real time.

Our system provides a unique communicative solution you can consistently rely on in every situation.

Advanced Tools

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While AVL has become a standard tool for agencies everywhere, eFORCE Automatic Vehicle Locator is modern enforcement technology at its finest.

Our browser-based software is cutting edge. If your an officer, you can view the fastest available route. As a dispatcher, you’ll see every unit location and all units will be able to view their grouping.

Other features include: Routing, which enables dispatchers to view the route in which the unit traveled. Unit Location shows the dispatcher the location, type, and other available information. The Unit Group automatically establishes a grouping in situations where more than one responder is at the same location. By clicking on that group, all group units will display on-screen.