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Automatic Vehicle Locator

Know where your officers are in real time, from any device.

Automated Assistance

Automatic system updates and a user-friendly design are just part of what make eFORCE Automatic Vehicle Locator (AVL) software the best vehicle location tool available today.

Track vehicles in the field in real-time and give vital assistance to your officers in critical situations, using our AVL.

Using GPS location and ESRI Mapping, our solution helps dispatchers effectively deploy officers to calls, maximize efficiency and better manage their time.

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Quicker Response Time

With eFORCE AVL, you can see your officers’ latitude, longitude, speed, direction, and device connectivity. As a result, you can deploy any officers nearest to the call within minutes.

As an officer, our web-based solution will let you quickly identify and follow the fastest available route.

As a dispatcher, you’ll see every unit location and all units will be able to view their grouping.

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AVL - client app
AVL software that takes the stress out of tracking your units.

Advanced Features

While AVL has become a standard tool for police departments and sheriff's offices everywhere, eFORCE Automatic Vehicle Locator is modern law enforcement software at its finest.

Some of our key features include: 

- Routing, which allows dispatchers to view the routes that units travel. 

- Unit Location, which shows the dispatcher the location, type, and other relevant information.

- Unit Group, which automatically creates a grouping in situations where more than one responder is at the same location. By clicking on that group, all group units will display on-screen.

Find out how affordable our innovative AVL solution can be for your agency.


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What our customers are saying...

We have used other software and have not had the service, productivity and functionality of eFORCE.


Lincoln County Sheriff's Office

I feel the application is quite user-friendly.  As I learn more about its various facets, I find it is a pretty smooth system to get around in.


Firestone PD

The time and effort you have put into this project, especially when we are such a small city, is greatly appreciated. I just can't say enough. A HUGE Thank you!


Normandy Park PD

The software is so user friendly that you are not tying up hours and hours in training people to use it.


Lone Tree PD

Good job in listening to our needs.


Monument PD