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12.09.2020 | Police Accused of Doing Good in 2020

Providence, Utah—During the past year, a surge in high-profile videos showing use of force by police officers carried news headlines. But with over 700,000 sworn law enforcement officers in the United States, many of their acts of kindness, service, and heroism barely made the local newspaper. Notable acts included a police chief in Fairfax, Virginia stopping a knife attack at a local bible study, a video showing an off-duty officer in Cocoa Beach, Florida rescuing a boy from an approaching shark, and a police agency in Logan, Utah bringing lunch to a group of Black Lives Matter protestors. One company is bringing these and other stories to the fore.

With over 20 years of experience in law enforcement, EFORCE software, launched the Force for Good Awards (FFG) this week at www.ffg2020.com. The community-based honor allows the public to nominate and vote on officers and agencies who were truly a force for good in 2020. The award website has already received nominations for over 30 officers and agencies. Those nominations, which can include simple acts of kindness like a cordial traffic stop or a harrowing act of bravery, are being validated and published to the site.

“We’ve seen many instances of bad police behavior this year, no question. But for every tragic story, there are hundreds of inspiring ones. If we want law enforcement reform, we need to both shun the bad and praise the good. If we don’t, we’re going to have a hard time keeping the people we want in this profession, and that’s the vast majority of officers who are serving today.” said Josh Paulsen, one of the FFG organizers.

Award nominees receive formal recognition with a Force for Good performance hat and are eligible for the award’s grand prize of $5,000, as determined by the most community votes before January 15. Additionally, the employing agency of the grand prize winner is eligible to receive a free $50,000 software package to support their operations.

“Because we work with thousands of officers around the country, we know the care and professionalism they put into their work. Yes, they have to write tickets and make arrests, because we’ve entrusted them to ensure our safety and an orderly society. But we also know that what motivates them is a concern for their communities. These awards acknowledge this.” said Cory Bowers, CEO of EFORCE.

The award organizers seek the public’s help in nominating, voting, and sharing these stories of good by visiting www.ffg2020.com and using the social media hashtag, #ffg2020.



Logan, Utah—EFORCE, a public safety software company with more than 350 customers around the US, will relocate its headquarters this fall to Providence, Utah. The company announced the move with an unconventional groundbreaking video it posted to its YouTube channel.

EFORCE has seen steady growth in its 20-year history and has become a noteworthy competitor in many regions around the country. The move signals a major development for the company and its customers, by adding considerable space for the company to expand operations. “It became apparent during the last couple years, that this company had outgrown the space we had occupied since 2011,” said Cory Bowers, one of the company’s founders and Chief Executive Officer. “Our software development and support functions have expanded significantly over the last decade to serve our growing customer base.”

Those customers include agencies and organizations such as LA Metro, The Country of Trinidad and Tobago Communications, Denver Regional Transportation, Utah Transit Authority, State of Utah Price Communications, Bountiful Police Department, and CSX Technology. EFORCE has seen success in helping these agencies and others streamline their operations to save time and money. Specifically, the company has helped its customers be more efficient and effective—purposefully doing less so they can be more.

“While this move is customer-driven, one thing we’ve purposefully done is retain our Utah roots. I really wanted this new facility to support the team that has helped build this company by providing a little more elbow room, collaboration space, and a comparable commute,” adds Bowers. The EFORCE office, while located in a different city, is less than a mile from its current location at 168 N. Gateway Drive in Providence. The company will officially make the move this November.