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The Oldest Town in Texas Gets Cutting-Edge Software

Posted by EFORCE on December 18, 2020

 Josh Paulsen

Nacogdoches ISD's new RMS

Nacogdoches. If you struggled to read that, try this recommended pronunciation “knack uh dotrice.” With the pronunciation squared away, it’s time to picture this historic Texas town. With just over 30,000 people and a major university, Nacogdoches is actually the oldest town in Texas. But being old doesn’t mean it is outdated. In fact, in at least one way, you could call it cutting-edge.

Serving the community of Nacogdoches and it’s eleven k-12 schools is the local Independent School District (NISD) and its supporting police department. ISD’s are a unique creature of some states, including Texas. Their community-base (students vs. the general public) and operations are very different to other municipal and county law enforcement agencies. So, when NISD PD bucked the standard set by the local city and county – who all use Spillman software - and purchased EFORCE’s leading Records Management System (RMS), it wasn’t a surprise, but people noticed.


A big reason NISD chose EFORCE was for its user-friendliness; their old system was very hard to use. Officer Carolyn Meredith described the change this way: “After about five minutes in the system, I already knew how to write a case.” EFORCE’S rich feature set and usability are important for the police officers at NISD because they need software that doesn’t interfere with the core function of their job, interacting with people. “My mission is to get kids to see that you are a person behind the badge,” says Meredith. Having software that doesn’t take the emphasis away from the human component is essential.

EFORCE RMS has been well-received at NISD. “Everyone loves it!” exclaims Meredith. “There haven’t been any challenges yet; how could there be, the system shows you with clear green checkmarks whenever you’ve done it right. Creating cases is that simple.”

NISD may be the oldest town in Texas, but they’re on the road to adopting new, more effective ways of doing things, including using EFORCE software. And for EFORCE, the company is pleased to support the NISD and is committed to honoring Nacogdoches' past while evolving our tools to meet NISD's ever-changing needs.

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