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How Tech has Helped in Big Police Work

  Technological advancements have increased the abilities of people everywhere, including on the job. One area it has particularly helped is police work. While a lot of crime solving comes with intuition, piecing clues together, and witnesses, tech...
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The Role of Software in Jail Management

  Police officers have a lot of duties they are required to perform. Software is helping improve their efficiency in almost every area of their work, including booking people into jail. While it might seem like an area that doesn’t need a lot of...
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Improving Jail Management with Software

  Improving Jail Management with Software Software is making a difference with all aspects of law enforcement, including managing jail systems. There are several main areas that software can help save time and resources for jail managers. When time...
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eFORCE experiences 20% growth in 2018

  eFORCE experienced a record 20% growth in 2018 with a customer base that not only reaches over 25 states across the US, but extends internationally. eFORCE's footprint grew exponentially in Texas, increasing by nearly double while still...
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What is Clery Reporting?

  The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Police and Campus Crime Statistics Act, or the Clery Act, is an important part of crime on campuses all over the United States. It is a federal law and applies to colleges and universities, since...
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Grant Writing: Why It’s Important and How to Get Started

Grant Writing: Why It’s Important and How to Get Started Police departments get a lot of their funding from grants. Each year, a department gets an operational budget, but there are other needs that cost money too, like extra equipment, training,...
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Making Police Records More Efficient

Police records are important, which is why officers are required to fill out so much paperwork. The records help keep everyone up to date on the latest happenings in a case, what procedures were followed, and keep everyone accountable. Records are...
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The Importance of Technology in Public Service

  People who work in public service have big jobs. From dispatch operators to firefighters and police officers, they depend on technology to help them get the job done. While these jobs have existed a lot longer than computers and software, the...
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Behind the Blue Line: How Police Software Works

  Behind the Blue Line: How Police Software Works Police officers are out in the community working every day. With so many different patrol cars and one or two off-site dispatch centers, the communication systems are unique. Finding the right, most...
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Technological Advancements in Police Work

  The relationship between technology and police work has come a long way since 1933 when the first time a two-way radio was installed in a patrol car. Now police officers rely on technology to help protect them, solve crimes, and stay ahead of...
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