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Mt. Juliet Chooses EFORCE to Grow with Them

Posted by EFORCE on August 21, 2020



One of America’s safest cities is a little bit safer with some technology upgrades to the local Police Department. Mt. Juliet, a community- and family-friendly suburb of Nashville is known for its walk-able streets, access to local lakes, and the watchful care of the Mt. Juliet Police Department (MJPD). The city has been growing rapidly over the last decade, however, and was in need of newer tech to keep pace with its growing needs.

“After using the same CAD system for fifteen years and seeing that it had evolved little, we decided to see what was on the market,” remarked Captain Chandler of MJPD. “Our minimal requirements included a system that was web and mobile-app based, which led us to EFORCE.”

While the platform attracted MJPD to EFORCE, it was ultimately the rich-feature set and the company’s customer-focused approach that drew them in. MJPD ultimately purchased EFORCE integrated suite: the EFORCE computer-aided dispatch system (CAD), Records Management System (RMS), Municipal Court, and iOS mobile-app solutions to complement their lean, but effective operations. “While many agencies simply hire more officers, we try to do more with less. And we strategically deploy technology to aid in operations. For example, we have an automated license plate recognition system that helps protect every entrance to the city by notifying us of hot plates,” says Chandler. EFORCE offers similar efficiencies as the license plate system by automating administrative tasks and expediting citations and reporting. As a suite, the system seamlessly passes information to each other.


Chandler acknowledges that the support they receive from the community and elected officials; both understand that the quality of life they enjoy is a direct result, in part, to its investment in MJPD. “When we approached the council to financially support this project, they knew it was a departmental need.” Many less-fortunate police departments’ operations are far more costly without the aid of current technologies.

“I think every police department in a fast-growing city should look at technologies like this,” states Chandler. The MJPD are still adjusting to the new system, but the overwhelming consensus is that it’s saving time and is much easier to use. “It’s nice to have a system that is able to grow with our city.”


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