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Improving Jail Management with Software

Posted by eFORCE on January 28, 2019


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Improving Jail Management with Software

Software is making a difference with all aspects of law enforcement, including managing jail systems. There are several main areas that software can help save time and resources for jail managers. When time and money are what managers are trying to save, it can make all the difference to have a reliable program. The booking process and record management are two key areas that most jail can improve.

The Booking Process

When an inmate is brought in to a jail, the person doing the booking starts a record. Filling out these forms is an important step and requires a lot of detail. This is a very time-consuming process depending on the record, the reason for the arrest, and how many officers are involved in the booking. If a group of people are waiting for booking, it can increase times even more.

The process involves getting basic information, like taking fingerprints, doing a body search, and a record with basic information is taken. This information will include a name, birthday, contact information, and reason for booking. A mugshot is taken, and personal property is recorded and taken into custody. They might even be signed in as evidence. With the record, a search is done to see if there are any other records or warrants in the system for the suspect. Great jail management software programs link together multiple databases from different precincts to make this part of the booking faster. Some cases might include taking a DNA sample from the suspect. If this happens, the sample is put into a database and compared for other related cases too.

Record Management

Pulling in data and applying it to reports for a general booking or a DNA record is done easier and faster helps increase the booking process. The reliability of a records management system is vital to making sure everything is done right. With an easy-to-use interface, it also checks that all records meet compliance requirements.

Putting records on a web-based police system is ideal for police officers, dispatch, and jail management. When records are available from any computer, phone, or tablet, everyone is up to date on the cases, faster. If a person calls in a crime, dispatch can send records to officers as they need them, or they can search and find information off the database. This helps with pending warrants in and out of the precinct, recovering stolen property, and connecting dots between related cases. There are records created for everything, which means they are easier to create, pull up, or add to during booking.

Benefits of Great Software

The best software is going to be the one that works for your department. It is important to explore the features that are offered that work for your department. All the features mentioned with booking and records management are important, along with other features like a built-in report generator, jail classifications, and even certifications. Another great way to manage records efficiently is to have the entire staff trained on the new software. The training can take a long time with some programs, but when record management is streamlined and user-friendly, the training is straight forward. With these features, there are plenty of reasons to get a great software system.



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