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How the Jerome, Idaho Police Services Implements Public Safety Software

Posted by eFORCE on July 5, 2019



Jerome, Idaho is a beautiful, growing city that is surrounded on all sides by either agricultural endeavors or amazing mountain ranges.

While farming and agricultural businesses have traditionally dominated the economy of the area, the city has recently started to diversify its economic base. This has led to an increase in manufacturing, retail, and the service sector.

This is likely what led to its current rapid population growth. In the ten-year period between 2003 and 2013 alone, the city grew more than 34%.

Unfortunately, with a growing population there is always the potential for a growing crime rate.

Jerome has never been a city to sit back and try to play a passive role, which is why they got proactive by implementing eFORCE law enforcement software.

Streamlining Processes

eFORCE Software solutions made it possible for the city of Jerome to quickly adapt to the growing population. The increased efficiency and connectivity made it possible to stay on top of the developing situation.

Cheryl Peterson of the Jerome service said, “We have been able to go mostly paperless. It is so much more convenient for our prosecutor’s offices and staff. The dynamic name index is user friendly, which cuts down on errors and we find the reports and subject so much more easily.”

The eFORCE records management system was designed to monitor and report progress for UCR, IBR, and state-specific reports. It can even validate reports as they are written, ensuring that they are compliant each and every time.

This solution also makes it possible to search through multi-jurisdictional databases to discover any potentially related cases or people or other important information.

Easy to Use

Cheryl said that when it comes to reporting, “eFORCE is so straight forward, there’s little room for error.”

We designed this software for police to have an intuitive interface that makes it easy to share information when and where it’s needed – which includes other agencies.

Also, since this is a web-based solution, it’s simple to implement and get it running. All the ongoing system management is also done automatically, so users don’t have to worry about the system maintenance.

Is It Time to Implement a New Solution?

As Jerome, Idaho continues to grow, it will continue to tackle a range of new challenges. Over the years, though, they’ve been able to use this software to cut down on unnecessary systems and processes that just create disorganization and complexities.


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