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eFORCE Rated Among the Best Law Enforcement Software Providers In 2017

Posted by Brandon Taylor on February 23, 2017

Mobile-iphone-ipad-CAD-3.jpgeFORCE Software was recently placed at the top of the list for best law enforcement software in 2017, according to Cloudsmallbusinessservice.com.

The website, which provides reviews, ratings and information about software for varying industries, lists the eFORCE Software Suite as a tool that allows public safety agencies to “optimize processes and work more efficiently” using secure law enforcement solutions.

“We’re excited to be recognized as a leading competitor in the market,” said Cory Bowers, eFORCE Software CEO. “We work hard every day to put the most innovative, efficient and user-friendly software in the hands of our customers, whenever and wherever they need it the most.”

Topping the list of vendors, eFORCE provides a comprehensive suite of public safety software solutions, including CAD, RMS, Jail Management, Mobile, e-Citations and more. Its suite is web-based, with the option of being installed locally or hosted remotely. Training options are available online, in person and via documentation.

Ease-of-use and customer care are trademarks of eFORCE.

According to Bowers, the company “dedicates substantial resources to providing the best experience possible for our customers.”

“We’re all part of a unique community aiming for the same goals. The more we can help our customers, and the more support they give to each other, the stronger that community becomes,” said Bowers.

Additional customer reviews and information about the eFORCE Software Suite can also be found at Capterra.com.


About eFORCE Software
eFORCE Software is a tenured public safety software provider that offers flexible, state-of-the art, web-based solutions in a hosted or locally installed environment. Hundreds of customers enjoy the benefits of eFORCE’s proven, leading-edge technologies, which range from small hosted campus police departments to an entire country. For additional information, visit https://www.eforcesoftware.com.


Learn more about any, or all, of the products that make up the eFORCE Software Suite by downloading a brochure of your choice. Just pick the ones your interested in, or look at all of them. Check them out today.




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