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4 Ways Technology Is Improving Communication in Law Enforcement

Posted by Brandon Taylor on February 3, 2017

Blog insert image (2) [resized for blog].jpgIn a 2010 article published on PoliceOne.com, Lt. Jim Glennon, author of Arresting Communication: Essential Interaction Skills for Law Enforcement, said “For law enforcement professionals, communication skills are the most important of all the skills necessary to succeed in your profession.”

In recent years, public and political scrutiny have put law enforcement officials under an even more merciless microscope.

Fortunately, the constant development of technology has made an officer’s ability to effectively communicate become easier. But it’s also become far more critical to his or her success and safety. 

Where a slight miscommunication in an industry like smartphone sales might lead to a disgruntled customer or lost revenue, the wrong miscommunication in law enforcement has the potential of putting lives at risk.

Public safety software is one of many tools designed to enhance and streamline agency communication. Whether it’s police dispatch software, records management software, jail management software or automatic vehicle locator software, this modern technology is aimed at making every element of communication – from personal to technical – easier and more efficient.

There are four fundamental areas in which these types of software help improve communication.



Unquestionably, the safety of officers and others is a top priority at all times. In situations where every second counts, and lives are in danger, agencies need the most efficient way possible to communicate with officers in the field. Cases like this demand reliable technology, like a computer-aided police dispatch system that will route officers with ease and provide them with the information they need to make the right decisions as soon as they arrive on the scene.



In the world of law enforcement, safety and speed are intertwined. Finding the best possible combination of both is critical to the success of any police department or sheriff’s office.

Effective dispatch software can deliver the results an agency needs. A strong, dependable connection with both emergency callers and field officers can make the difference between life or death. Mobile functionality can improve that line of communication. The ability of officers to receive routing details, incident updates and more from the convenience and security of their smartphone can be invaluable.

Agencies that have the means to tap into these developing technologies will be better positioned to safely and effectively serve their communities in the future.



Clutter and redundancy are enemies of a successful law enforcement agency. The right kind of software can keep those antagonists in check. For instance, records can be shared across departments and made accessible in formats that are easy to read, including from mobile devices. Data can be categorized and searched with ease. And web-based solutions help make key information accessible from anywhere.



Law enforcement software also helps standardize practices and records across departments and agencies. It’s now possible for some records management software, like eFORCE Records Management, to validate UCR and NIBRS reports in real-time, as the report is being written. This feature ensures that your reports are compliant as soon as they’re completed, and that no invalid reports get submitted – dramatically increasing the accuracy of an agency’s reporting and often stripping hours off of the traditional process.

Intuitive technology like this can streamline multiple time-consuming processes and can make data recall and searching exponentially easier.


The Bottom Line

Effective communication is becoming more and more imperative for law enforcement professionals. That trend is only going to grow. Public safety technology, including software, has also been advancing at an unprecedented rate. Agencies that can leverage this software to better communicate will add greater value and safety to their departments and their communities. Let’s make sure you’re one of those agencies.

See how you can use web-based law enforcement software to communicate more effectively.


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