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eFORCE Software brings leading dispatching and user experience to APCO 2016

Posted by eFORCE on July 22, 2016

APCO 2016Logan, UT (July 21, 2016) – eFORCE Software, an industry-leading provider of web-based public safety software, will be showcasing the enhanced mobile functionality and user-friendly design of its law enforcement solution suite at APCO 2016 in Orlando, Florida.

“We’re excited to share the advanced capabilities of our dispatching solution with the attendees at this year’s conference,” said Cory Bowers, eFORCE Software CEO. “We’ve invested a lot of resources into developing a solution that meets our customers’ needs and is still easier to use than any other CAD on the market.”

The company’s Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) software is a key part of a full suite of solutions it provides for police departments and sheriff’s offices throughout the country.

“We have liked the eFORCE CAD system for its versatility,” said Chief Tom Ross, of the Bountiful City Police Department. “It was easy for the dispatchers to learn and they like having the option of using the point and click features or entering information via the command line.”

eFORCE will also be highlighting its new iOS mobile application next month at the APCO conference. The app allows officers to view dispatch calls from an iPhone or iPad, and put themselves in route on a call, all from their mobile device.

“We’re innovators,” said Bowers. “We set trends and have no inhibitions when it comes to breaking the mold of how things have always been done.”

When eFORCE began operating in 2003, it was the first company in the industry to develop an entirely web-based suite of software solutions that could be operated online from any computer with internet access.

eFORCE overcame a host of challenges to successfully break into the highly competitive market and make a name for itself.

“We were told on multiple occasions that we’d never succeed with a product built in the cloud,” said Bowers. “Our competitors laughed at us, and now many of them are trying to follow suit.”

In addition to its dispatch software and mobile app, eFORCE also designs software that can manage police records, jail records and processes, municipal court, fare enforcement, civil process, e-Citations and automatic vehicle location for the public safety sector. The company has hundreds of customers throughout the United States and across the globe.

About eFORCE

eFORCE Software is a tenured public safety software provider who offers flexible, state-of-the art, web-based solutions in a hosted or locally installed environment. Hundreds of customers enjoy the benefits of eFORCE’s proven, leading edge technologies; they range from small hosted campus police departments to an entire country. For additional information, visit https://eforcesoftware.com and join us on Facebook.



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