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eFORCE Software Wins Crowley County’s First Choice of Software Providers

Posted by Brandon Taylor on January 6, 2016

Crowley County Sheriff truckCrowley County, Colorado recently signed on as one of eFORCE Software’s newest customers. They will be using eFORCE Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), Records Management Software (RMS) and Jail Management Software (JMS) to improve simplicity and efficiency for their agency.

“eFORCE will significantly impact our agency in several areas,” said Undersheriff Mark Morlock. “Going to a CAD system was a major step in bringing technology to our agency. Technology which will significantly improve efficiency for our dispatchers and patrol deputies alike.”

Crowley County Sheriff’s Office serves citizens in four rural communities in southeast Colorado; Crowley, Olney Springs, Ordway and Sugar City.

“We were in need of a new RMS and eFORCE was suggested by our neighboring law enforcement partners,” Morlock stated. “We decided on eFORCE after looking at other RMS vendors. We found that all law enforcement administrators in our judicial district (except one) were already using eFORCE and were happy with the system.”

In addition to anticipating time savings and an increase in overall efficiency, the sheriff’s office is also looking forward to the improved reporting capabilities available with eFORCE.

“The system will also simplify the way we gather statistics for NIBRS as well as other reports we prepare,” said Morlock.

As for the sheriff’s office’s experience working with eFORCE, Morlock exclaimed, “The overall customer service so far has been outstanding. First with sales, then with the implementation and training.”

He concluded by stating his agency had not had enough contact with technical support yet to provide a comment on their customer service.

“We’re very excited to welcome Crowley County as one of our newest customers,” said Cory Bowers, President and CEO of eFORCE Software. “We look forward to helping them meet the growing demands of their agency and the citizens they serve on a daily basis.”

About eFORCE Software
eFORCE Software is a tenured public safety software provider that offers flexible, state-of-the art, web-based solutions in a hosted or locally installed environment. Hundreds of customers enjoy the benefits of eFORCE’s proven, leading-edge technologies, which range from small hosted campus police departments to an entire country. For additional information, visit https://eforcesoftware.com.

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