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Get the Scoop on the eFORCE iOS Mobile App

Posted by Brandon Taylor on June 17, 2015

Scoop on eFORCE MobileWe’ve not only come out with our newest generation of products, eFORCE Suite 2, but we’re also releasing our new iOS Mobile App.

Naturally, we’ve had some questions about the app, so we figured now is a good time to answer some of them.


What features are in the new iOS Mobile App?

The new iOS Mobile App does contain many of the same features and functionality as does the Silverlight Mobile that many of you currently use.  However, we’ve increased the efficiency and provided a more stable and solid platform that can be used with any iOS Apple iPhone capable of running iOS 8, or an iPad 2, or newer. At this point, it won’t function with other device(s).  Here is a list of both the current features and those features scheduled to be developed in the new app:

Current Features

-Ability to Change Assignments

-Ability to Change Activities

-Ability to Write Citations which Transfer Automatically into RMS

-CAD View Only

-Voiceless Dispatching

-Bulletin Report

-Receive Push Notifications

-Unit Notes

-Dispatch Notes in CAD

-Call Notes

Planned Future Development Features

-Citation Report

-High Level RMS Approvals

-Officer Log

-Activity Log

-Ability to Print a Cite

This new app is exciting, very user friendly, and efficient.  We have been beta testing it with a current customer in Utah and it’s operating really well.  With the Apple iPhone capable of supporting iOS 8, or an iPad 2 or greater, you can actually scan a driver’s license when writing a cite, and the information will pull into the cite automatically.  We have gone to great lengths to cut back the unnecessary work for you, and we’re really excited to release the new mobile app.


When do you get the iOS Mobile App, or how do you go about purchasing the app? 

We’ll begin releasing the new eFORCE iOS Mobile App beginning July 1, 2015.  The release will start with those customers that have already paid for the new app and/or are under current contract for this app.  As we manage the update process, we’ll be in contact with the agency administrator(s) to schedule a date and time for the update.  Once we get to the point of updating your agency, our Training Manager will also be alerted to contact your agency so he can schedule a new iOS Mobile App webinar to train the new features.

Those customers who are current eFORCE Silverlight Mobile users will be among the first to update to the new eFORCE iOS Mobile App at no charge.  Any other customer that would like to see a demonstration of the new app or talk with an eFORCE Salesman about purchasing the app may contact Sales at 888-570-4943 ext. 3 or sales@eforcesoftware.com.  Feel free to also contact us with any questions or concerns you may have about the new eFORCE iOS Mobile App or associated hardware.


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